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Last Update: March 11


 In honor of presidential election year,

here's a new page describing more about

the White House model, it's construction, and where it is now:

"Road to the White House, a different version"


 Please visit the new custom paint page here

for airbrushing on bikes and more.


 Due to unbelievable amounts of spam being generated

through our e-mail links, we have re-coded to one new

e-mail address. You can contact the studio for all

information, questions, etc., from the

Contacts page.


 PC users: The desktop wallpapers and tutorials are no longer 

available only in Stuffit archives. Now you can open your

wallpaper size in a new browser window, and save to disk.

All tutorial files are available in printer friendly versions, too;

look for the link at the bottom of each tutorial.


Since 1986, The Williams Studio has been providing award-winning 

creative services to business; small to multi-national. 

A full spectrum is represented by our client list.



 Illustration   Digital Retouching

 Industrial Design  Model making

 3D Illustration  Relief Carving


Conventional or digital images.

View the 2D page to see examples.

 INDUSTRIAL DESIGN                                                                                                               

Services include design, styling and refinement. Models, prototypes,

and renderings can be included for a consistent polish to your

 project presentations. Confidentiality guaranteed.


 Architectural  Advertising  Exhibit

  Prototypes  Proof of concept  Pre-production

 Design tests  Toy  Furniture  Display & POP

 OTHER 3D                                                                                                                            

We have an in-house shop where we can create nearly anything

you need. We fabricate some really unusual things here; often

providing a service you just won't find anywhere else...

 Display stands in the shape of a race car? Delrin® gears to 

repair video equipment? (Solved a budget problem for the 

local school system.) Lighting design? Theater effects?

 Custom jigs, fixtures, displays, exhibits? Special event

equipment? Trophies? We've designed or fabricated all of

these. If it isn't mentioned here, just ask. We’ll try to help.

If you need a short run of an item that usually requires a full 

factory setup (and the associated full factory fees), 

we could be the answer. 


Go to the Contacts  page to find your solution.



After 17 years, The Williams Studio, Inc. has become a blend of art, design,

sculpture and fabrication. While we do most of our work in house, we have 

contacts as distant as China that help us deliver our clients the best result.

We're proud of the talented people that help us provide these capabilities.

We call on these individuals only as needed, while providing a

variety of services and personalized attention.

We treat our clients as individuals, too. We’ll work with you to

achieve your goals. You‘ll have our full attention from start to finish. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.



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 Comments or suggestions? Add to the Guestbook here.


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All content and images within this site (with the exception of

licensed characters held by their respective license owners) are 

©1986-2003 Garry K. Williams / The Williams Studio, Inc.


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